real life

  1. Peyton


    what college(s) would you like to attend or are attending? I would personally like to attend Stanford
  2. SwtSkitty

    What sport(s) do you practice?

    The most recent sport that I've tried was Track & Field, but the practices were really demanding for me (physically, lmao), so I stopped after a year. In the past I've played soccer and basketball, but I didn't really like them. What about you?
  3. Quest

    Why I'm likely leaving the community after the summer

    Hello all, I have some stuff to say about my plans for the future, near and distant. I feel that mkwii is a HUGE distraction to my life, and that if I don't get away from it soon, I will have some struggles. Plus, I would barely be able to play at all, excluding breaks and weekdays I have off...