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  1. [MKWii] 4DR Worldwide

    [MKWii] 4DR Worldwide

    4DR Members:ZachySkittyRich
  2. [MKW] 4DR In-Clan War #2 (Full War) 8/27/16

    [MKW] 4DR In-Clan War #2 (Full War) 8/27/16

  3. 4DR In-Clan War - 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members (Selected Races)

    4DR In-Clan War - 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members (Selected Races)

  4. $

    Outdated MKW Rich's Friend Roster

    This is my friend roster. Tell me if you want to add, and if you're already my friend, kindly confirm your FC. :) My FC is 3484-9248-7747 @$$_Rich_$$ - Rich :ca: 0134-8501-1281 @Rachy - Rachy :gb: 0518-9005-9480 @Tim157 - Tim :us: 0650-2467-4474 @Kirigaya - Kirigaya :us: 0820-1956-9614...
  5. Zachy

    Welcome to our new Contest Designers!

    As you all know, we held Contest Designer applications for a week about a few days or so ago. We have quite a decent amount of applications and sorting through them and picking our picks took a little bit more time than expected, but we got through it! With that being said, I'd like to announce...
  6. Zachy

    Happy birthday Rich!

    Just wanted to wish @$$_Rich_$$ a happy birthday! Have a great day buddy! :D