1. Derptoise

    Rosalina + Flame Runner Texture By Me

    So I decided to make a texture out of Rosalina a few months back, and I feel like it turned out at least somewhat well. Pretty much in version 1, there is a silvery-purple hair, and the second is a silvery-blue (at least for me). This download link contains both version 1 and 2 in a zip folder...
  2. A

    Red Rosalina 1.0

    The texture changes the blue to red and her hair colour to red as well. The texture appears on the character select screen, in a race and on the minimap. This texture only changes what she looks like on the Bowser Bike (Flame Runner).
  3. Jason

    Neon Green Rosalina [Rosalina/Flame Runner] by Me 1.0.0

    Following the Orange is the New Black Daisy is my 2nd attempt at making a texture hack, this time for Rosalina. The Idea: Simply, a Neon Green Rosalina Let me be honest with one thing: I had no intention of copying Troy's Funky. If you decide to believe that, knock yourself out, I don't give a...