1. Loyd

    Active MKW Lloyd's Mates

    :au:Lloyd:au: FC: 1935-9707-1074 Current Clans: 4DR | 4 Dark Racers Past Clans: Vτ |Venomous Thunder MS | Magistas LU | Last Of Us Kτz | Karterz DΣ | *Forgot Name* Roster: Zachy :us: Rachy :gb: Frost :us: Amaya :us: Rich :ca: Alex :gb: Bede :au: RusoX :es: Jeff :nl: Please Comment Down...
  2. Jason


    [/SPOILER] MyAnimeList | osu! | Twitter Wii U - Invite Only (NNID: Ghost32456) :au: Aqua :us: Amaya :us: Blissy :gb: Bloss :us: Demo :us: Dreamy :us: Fish :us: Hoesay :gb: Holly :us: Inviso :us: Isa :gb: Jonny :gb: Jose :nl: Jellykun :us: Joel :us: Justin :us: Major Mike :ca: Misdre :gb: Nelson...
  3. Quest

    Miitomo i guess

    Why not lol My name: Qυεςτ Follow me on Twitter @onaquest01 and link yours to add. It is possible I may not show up because it puts mutual friends first. Two flags means the person was born in the country of the first flag but lives in the country of the second flag.
  4. Jason

    MKW MK8 ~ Inspirational Duo ~ ❀

    ✿ Friend Roster ✿ Status: Invite Only ~ 0650-2467-4474 ~ 27/30 [Total Races, from all my FCs] Rachel ♥ [1,160] Arumi (Theif Eli) [2] Blissy [33] Chloe [4] Crisis (2x) [98] Dark Z [30] Immer [255] Isa [12] Jade [0] Joel (USA) (2x)[180] Justin [620] King Decimator [116] Klitty [145] Misdreavus...