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  1. Zachy

    What do you think about Narcan?

    For those of you who don't know, Narcan is a drug that can help save someone's life if they've overdosed. It really is a miracle drug and has helped so many people out who overdosed. But it's becoming more readily available. A prescription is needed in most places, but I know that where I live...
  2. $

    Donald Trump

    Would you vote for trump :P To everyone living in the US, or Mexico, or Canada. I would certainly vote for trump because he isn't like other candidates. He doesn't do politically correct stuff. He actually might make a difference, and finally because he's very very very funny. I like his jokes...
  3. $

    Marijuana be legalized?

    Marijuana may be used for medical reasons, to help patients, to lower pain, to help depression. This can also be abused by people and be used for recreational purposes. This can be abused and kill people, destroy lives, and destroy families. Should this be legalized? What do you think and why...
  4. $


    I'm not trying to offend any religion, or tell anyone what they believe is wrong. I'm just simply discussing what I feel and what I think about religions. Please also don't be offended if anything I say contradicts or disagrees with your beliefs. I can say that I'm an agnostic because I don't...
  5. $

    Death Penalty

    I belive that there should be death penalty because it's like a instant solution to a problem. It is also cheaper, and the prisons will not overcrowd. This penalty is only for heinous or very serious crimes, such as r***, murder, and other serious stuff. It's basically cheaper and more...
  6. $


    I want to see what you guys think about this? Please try to respect everyone's opinions and please Read each reason before replying or criticizing. For me, I'm Pro abortion because even if it can be classified as murder, it is sometimes needed. 1.) If a child that has not yet been born has a...
  7. Jason

    Gun Control in the United States

    Seeing as this topic as been flying all around everywhere on Skype (utd, 4DR and mkwe.com) chats, I thought it deserved being a thread. Shootings in the US have drastically increased since 1991. With the recent shooting at Oregon, it's been mentioned many times about how the US needs to fix...