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  1. Wolf

    Do you conserve or spam shells?

    Usually, I'll conserve shells, so that I can use them later when they are needed. I can't understand those idiots that spam red shells and they just hit the wall. When I use reds, especially when I get triple reds, I'll use them in spaces of 3-4 seconds, rather than just spamming them. When I...
  2. Wolf

    Is a green shell or red shell better?

    I guess you say that they're pretty even. You have more control over green shells, which allows you to make creative plays (hitting items, bouncing off walls to hit people, sniping people at your own choice), but more control can lead to more mistakes. The red shells offer less control and...
  3. Wolf

    With or without blue shells?

    If you could choose.. would you get rid of blue shells from mkwii, or keep them? We always talk about how much they're absolutely r*******, but mkwii without blue shells would be pretty weird and maybe not good. Blue shells really do help out the people that are not in first, especially when...