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  1. Zachy

    Vanity profile URL

    This item will allow you to change how your profile URL looks on the forum to make it easier to get to your profile and to show off that you have your own specific URL unique to you. It is comparable to Discord's four digit number after each account to identify it (#1111), except, you can change...
  2. Zachy

    YouTube profile player

    This item replaces the old and outdated “Profile Music” item we had. This feature is mainly meant to be used as a music player, but technically any valid video URL is permitted. Another cool perk of this item is that it will allow you to also feature a subscribe button on your forum profile to...
  3. Zachy

    Rare Limited Username style

    This item will allow you to change different attributes of your username, such as: Bold Italic Underline Color Glow Shadow It is extremely rare and extremely expensive item as it an epic item that allows you to stand out on the forum in a way that very few others can. Please note that while...
  4. Zachy

    User title change

    This item will allow you to change your user title on the forum once. Once your user title is changed with this item, the item will be discarded and you will be unable to use it again unless you repurchase, so be sure that what you change it to is what you truly want. For those who don’t know...
  5. Zachy

    Move own thread

    Note: Please be aware that this item is meant to be used soon after buying to prevent potential abuse. This item will automatically be deleted from your inventory and you will no longer be able to use it 1 day after purchase. You will not be refunded if you forget to use the item in this...
  6. 4DR forum bot

    VIP forum user

    This item will allow you to become a <span class="VIP"><i class="fas fa-medal"></i> VIP forum user</span> permanently. For the perks/features you get with being a VIP forum user and other account upgrades, please see the following thread: Account upgrade (regular/active/bronze/premium/VIP)...
  7. 4DR forum bot

    Bronze forum user

    This item will allow you to become a <span class="Bronze"><i class="fas fa-medal"></i> bronze forum user</span> permanently. For the perks/features you get with being a bronze forum user and other account upgrades, please see the following thread: Account upgrade...
  8. 4DR forum bot

    Underlined user title

    This item will allow you to use an underlined user title. This can be combined with other effects so you get multiple effects in the same user title. You do not need to have an Advanced Membership in order to take advantage of this; any user can use it. Configuring this item: After you...
  9. Emilio

    Caio's MKWii Texture and Music Shop

    Caio's MKWii Texture, Music and Mii Shop Contact: Caio#4650 Welcome to the MKWii Texture, Music and Mii Shop, the one place for all MKWii modding needs! This shop offers a wide selection of services including custom textures and soundtracks for MKWii. We also have our price beat guarantee...
  10. Dokan

    Savo's & Dokan's MKWii Modding Shop

    Savo's and Dokan's MKWii Modding Shop STATUS: CLOSED (Not really gonna use this anymore, feel free to write me on Discord, if you're really sure about a request. For good friends I'm doing that for free and privately.) Discord: Dokan ~ Dokan#0711 Savo ~ S.#1798 Introduction: Hello and...
  11. Wailtor

    Wailtor's Anime Mii Shop

    Hello guys ! Today I open my own shop. And this shop is for Anime Miis, i can create one for you if you aren't an expert. HOW I BUY MY ANIME MIIS ? It's easy, you must give me $200 4DR Swagbucks for your miis. To create your mii, i must have : Gender: (Male/Female) Mingles: (Yes/No) Avatar ID...
  12. A

    Aqua's Texture Shop

    Shop Status: Open! What this shop is: This is my texture shop. I'm currently only doing simple charater texture hacks but I could try track texture if requested. How to request a texture: To request a texture, please fill out this form: Character Name: Extra files to edit: Description of the...
  13. Zachy

    Share your 4DR Merchandise!

    If you've boughten 4DR Merchandise, please take a picture and share it with us here! :D I'll start off with this mug that my dad bought (but gave to me, which kind of makes sense lol. He just wanted to be nice):
  14. Zachy

    4DR Merchandise is now for sale!

    Hey everyone, Members have known about this for a while now, but we are now extremely pleased to announce that we are selling 4DR Merchandise (shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, etc...) As of me posting this, the store only consists of a mug and shirt. But I can promise you that we will be adding a lot...