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  1. Dark Veaz

    Now that we're all on Discord...

    Hi everyone! 4DR has moved from Skype to Discord and with that being said I went with the flow. I have been on Skype for many years and I've come across some issues with Skype in the past years; from little to very annoying problems. Chat lags, waiting too long for groups to load (Skype is...
  2. Zachy

    Skype Call with Anil8r

    Hey everyone! I am here making this thread to let everyone know that Anil8r contacted me on Skype earlier saying that he has a free day next Wednesday and he wanted to do a Skype call with current and previous members of 4DR. Most of the newer members won't know who he is, but he was a legend in...
  3. Quest

    Twitter and Instagram Scam Accounts

    I browse Twitter and Instagram pretty often. Every couple of days or so I'll get a new follower whose bio will say something like "Do you need a girl? Click here: goo.gl/whatever" and whose profile picture is of a nude or near-nude woman. For example: Well, obviously here, this person didn't...
  4. A

    Away from Skype

    Ok so heres whats happening with my activity. I'm sending my pc away for a while to get it fixed so I have to use my mums old, crappy one. The only problem with this is that I'm having issues with Skype and the internet on it is super slow. I'll try to fix it but I might be inactive for a 2-4...
  5. Zachy

    Skype Online

    This isn't really news (although it still may be for some people), but Skype is now available online: web.skype.com It's still in beta and it's not as amazing as the desktop clients (the main Skype programs you download), but it's pretty good for something online. So if you couldn't or can't...
  6. Quest

    Back on Skype and more active on forum and mkwii

    Just what the title says :D