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  1. Zachy

    Is the zipper beneficial on DK Summit?

    On DK Summit/DK Snowboard's Cross, there's a section of track (you skip it if you try and take the double shortcut, but you don't if you take the single shortcut like most people) right after the single shortcut where the zipper begins, but there's normal track. No, I'm not referring about the...
  2. Plex

    How to do the DK Summit Double Shortcut

    Hey guys! As requested by Jerry (RandomCapeDude), I am making a guide on how to do the DK Summit Double Shortcut. STEP 1: First of all, your combination. The best one is Funky Kong+Flame Runner, but it can also be done with any Middleweight character on the Mach Bike. What you will need to do...