1. Timo

    Happy Birthday to Kyphainz!

    Hello everyone, today, October 14, 2017 is Kyphainz's birthday!!! I've known him for about 2 months, and based on my knowledge about him, I think he is a cooooooooooooooooool guy!!!!:cool: Happy birthday @Kyphainz and I hope you enjoy your special day! :D:party::sun::party:
  2. Zachy

    Why do you think a white line was added to represent CTGP users?

    This is something that I have always wondered about. Why do you guys think they needed to have a special line color represent CTGP users? And why white? I just see no purpose of identifying a person as a CTGP user, other than to brag (or look stupid, depending on how you feel about CTGP). And...