1. Azula

    Inner 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members

    We played another Civil War today; hosted by @$$_Rich_$$. It was really fun, but as you guys are about to see, the results differed (from usual that is)! GP 1: GP 2: GP 3: Table: Notes: GGs to everyone and a big thank you to Rich for organizing another one of these! :) It's worth...
  2. Azula

    Inner 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members

    This was another inner clan war hosted by @$$_Rich_$$. It was a success, which was great! I can't wait to do more in the future. :D This inner clan war was a 5v5 on April 9th, 2016. We decided that it was going to be 4DR Staff vs Members. It was honestly pretty fair (based on the score), and...
  3. Azula

    Staff Slayer for MK8 [OLD]

    Staff slayer for MK8 is where you can challenge a member of staff to a 1v1. If you win, you get this neat medal: and the bragging rights of beating whoever you beat. Since this is in the Mario Kart 8 general section, this is for Mario Kart 8 ONLY! If you wish to participate in staff slayer for...