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  1. Wolf

    Smartest strategies in MKWii?

    What do you think the best strategy in MKWii is. I think starting out in first and maintaining first is one of the best strategies in the game because you don't have to rely on items. Items are random and prone to bad luck.
  2. Zachy

    Least favorite strategy?

    This is the sister thread to the "favorite strategy thread" I made a couple days ago. What is your least favorite strategy or tactic that people use? I personally dislike the very mainstream strategy of holding a star or bill and then dodging the shock. This can obviously get you a good position...
  3. Zachy

    What's your favorite strategy?

    Stategies ("strats" as most people call them) can help you win a lot of different races in a lot of different scenarios. A strategy could be holding a star all race on shy guy beach and then using it at the end to avoid a shock and get a higher place. There's a lot of known strategies, but you...