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  1. Rachy

    Clan Superlatives Suggestions

    I can't believe a thread like the hasn't been made yet, but now there is! If you have any suggestions for "most likely to" questions for Clan Superlatives, feel free to leave them here! It would be awesome if you could make 5 suggestions so I can make an entire form for Clan Superlatives based...
  2. Zachy

    Is CTGP lacking anything?

    I know CTGP has some pretty amazing and unique features. But do you have any suggestions or features that are currently lacking in your eyes, and you want to see added? I really can't think of anything, but maybe people who use CTGP more have some gripes that they would like to see addressed.
  3. Zachy

    2016 Suggestions and Goals

    So here we are in 2016, which is amazing. We just want to take the time to thank you so much for supporting the clan and the forum! We wouldn't be here without all of you. :) As the new year is here, we'd like to hear what suggestions or goals you have for the clan and the forum for 2016. In...
  4. Zachy

    What would make Wiimmfi better?

    I think everyone has their different gripes about Wiimmfi. So what (in your opinion of course) would make Wiimmfi better if you could make a change? I think the main thing I'd do is work on stability. Now, in case everyone wasn't aware, having servers for this kind of stuff is a lot of work and...