1. GAMER10

    Purple and white Daisy texture pack Mkwii 1.0

    Hi there! I wanted to share with you my Daisy texture I made a few months ago. It's a purple and white Daisy (full dress is white and patterns are purple) with brown hair instead of orange. All the 12 karts are edited in this texture. Here are some spoilers : Spoiler Spoiler 2 For best quality...
  2. NintenYoshi

    Snowview Highway 1.0

    So, it's not really winter time yet, but I had this idea in my mind and wanted to make it a reality soon enough. :p This originally was going to be a track edit that made the track more slippery and trickier to drive through, but that wouldn't make it safe for online play, which would be a...
  3. Emilio

    Daisy Texture 2018-08-31

    May or may not be released. Feel free to critique my texturing skills. :D
  4. NintenYoshi

    Cosmic Yoshi 1.0

    In MKW modding, textures are not my strongest point, but I'm working on getting the hang of them. :p Especially character textures, which I've always found complicated. Nonetheless, I decided to go ahead and give a try, and here we are :D Here I show off Cosmic Yoshi, whose design is based...
  5. Dokan

    "Gerald" Kong (Character Texture, made by me) v1.0

    What's up everyone, it's me Dokan. Yeah folks, I am back there with another texture, requested by my bruwu Jonny! :gerald: This Funky Kong wears a black shirt, on the back with a Gerald icon. He also wears light blue pants with a black belt and a gold buckle, a blue and white dotted bandana...
  6. Dokan

    "Tox" Kong (Character Texture) v1.01

    Hey everyone, I was working on a texture again, but this time, I'll publish it here, before it's done. Thus, Tox Funky was created! "Tox" is a Xat smiley and a common one on the forums, so I decide to make a texture about it. Tox Funky has the Tox emote on the back of his normal shirt (border's...
  7. Derptoise

    Rosalina + Flame Runner Texture By Me

    So I decided to make a texture out of Rosalina a few months back, and I feel like it turned out at least somewhat well. Pretty much in version 1, there is a silvery-purple hair, and the second is a silvery-blue (at least for me). This download link contains both version 1 and 2 in a zip folder...
  8. IronDragonGD

    Help! Text is not loading

    I have CTGP installed with custom text. All the text loads without a problem. However I don't know how this happened but whenever I go into selecting a course. None of the Nintendo Tracks text loads. The preview is still there. Also the cup text loads but it doesn't load correctly. When I look...
  9. BlondeyMKW

    Need clean copies of all textures and drift colours.

    I want to make a texture pack, but cant rip a ISO. If anyone can link me in the direction for clean copies of all Character Textures and drift colours, It would be highly appreciated. Thank you :)
  10. Starstrike

    Blue Batman Texture For Funky Kong 2017-04-15

    Funky Kong texture
  11. Jonny

    Funky + Spear textures...?

    I have searched around for Spear textures, however have had no success. I've found bad ones, ones with expired links, and straight-up broken ones. And since I do use the Spear quite a bit, I want a texture to use for it, and I don't really have sufficient knowledge or tools to create my own...
  12. A

    Aqua's Texture Shop

    Shop Status: Open! What this shop is: This is my texture shop. I'm currently only doing simple charater texture hacks but I could try track texture if requested. How to request a texture: To request a texture, please fill out this form: Character Name: Extra files to edit: Description of the...
  13. A

    Red Rosalina 1.0

    The texture changes the blue to red and her hair colour to red as well. The texture appears on the character select screen, in a race and on the minimap. This texture only changes what she looks like on the Bowser Bike (Flame Runner).
  14. A

    Black & White Daisy 1.0

    A clean black and white look for daisy. This texture hack will appear on the player select screen as well as in a race. This texture was created for @Bede
  15. Jason

    Rasen's Texture and Music Pack

    Unfortunately, Rasen has moved on from MKWii (He actually sold his Wii, showed me proof and such), and he gave me the links to all his files, and he's fine with being public since it's so old. So now, I present, his textures and music! Mediafire (2015): MediaFire 4shared (2013-14): Common_1...
  16. ☆VFlame

    Violet Kart Wii 1.1

    Alright, so its here. VKW, Heres is the promo: Thank you very much for 50 subs. This pack includes awesome menu edits, brsar edits, course edits, and veichle edits! It has been released for you because of 50 soobs, thanks sooooo much guys! Like and sub :smug::smuggrin::hippo:
  17. Rachy

    Daisy Circuit at Daytime [Daisy Circuit] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. Finally, I made a new texture hack! But yeah... I haven't been use to make any textures from 5 months ago since Fire Kart Wii v3 had released in March. Anyway, I finally got idea for this texture, I made a daytime version of the original texture of Daisy Circuit...
  18. Viper

    Evil Baby Luigi on a Bullet Bike [Baby Luigi/Bullet Bike] by Me 1.0.0

    This only works with the Bullet Bike. Made using SZS Modifier and Adobe Photoshop. Download
  19. Rachy

    Red Darkness Valley [SNES Ghost Valley 2] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. Finally, new track texture is coming right now! So, I made this texture of SNES Ghost Valley 2 named is Red Darkness Valley. :) Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wJZGZnUeqtDkwK4FFU8auoGJf14_T6nW Date of release: 7th December 2013
  20. Viper

    Yellow and Green Mario [Mario] by Me 1.0.0

    Goes on the Mach Bike. This texture was made for @Sarape . Download this texture