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  1. Zachy

    Move own thread

    Note: Please be aware that this item is meant to be used soon after buying to prevent potential abuse. This item will automatically be deleted from your inventory and you will no longer be able to use it 1 day after purchase. You will not be refunded if you forget to use the item in this...
  2. Dokan

    Happy birthday, Paris!

    We're here to congratulate people again: Today is @ParisAP's birthday, he just hit 19 years, almost two entire decades! :) We hope, you're enjoying your special day with Doss and we also wish you all the best for the future! Have lotsa fun! :party: :D
  3. Zachy

    New Trophies and Swag Buck Values

    Hello everyone, You may have noticed that we have added some new trophies. These new trophies have to do with the amount of threads you have created. So here they are: Newbie Thread Starter = 10 threads created (10 trophy points) Novice Thread Starter = 25 threads created (20 trophy points)...