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time trial

  1. My first proper Mario Kart Wii Time Trial in 4 years

    My first proper Mario Kart Wii Time Trial in 4 years

    Still 1.3 seconds off my old best but it's a start. Also I'm using a PS3 contoller which I'm still not 100% used to with this game. Xbox app recorder doesn't produce the best quality but I am still trying to work out the kinks with OBS.
  2. JackPuff

    4DR 200cc Time Trial Leaderboards!

    This is the MKWII 200cc Time Trial Leaderboards! If you want to know how to get it, here’s the link to my tutorial: How to install 200cc on CTGP (32 original tracks only) I will not be able to update this myself, so if one of the staff members could help out, that would be great! While there...
  3. Peyton

    How often do you time trial?

    How much do you time trial? What I mean is about what percent of the time you play mkwii do you spend time trialing. Normally it’s about 20% for me but lately it’s around 40-60%
  4. Tomas

    What is your Top 5 of 4DR members on Time Trial?

    1.Tim 2.Skitty 3.Rachy 4.Justin 5.Realm 79.Dark z! Not Necessarily in order! :)
  5. Tomas

    What is your worst track to practice Time Trial?

    GBA Shy Guy Beach! :mad:
  6. SwtSkitty

    Favorite course to time trial?

    What's your favorite track to time trial in MKWii (if you like time trial, that is :p ) Mine would probably be Sherbet Land (glitch) and Mario Circuit (glitch)