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time trials

  1. Dark Veaz

    How often do you play MK8/MK8DX?

    Hey guys! Since 4DR expanded to MK8DX, I have been playing this game very often. I've been trying to improve myself by TTing a lot and WWing often and it's a great way to kill some time while you're having fun online with friends. I play this game a few times a week, and I enjoy playing it. How...
  2. Tien

    4DR Kart TT Leaderboards

    4DR Kart TT Leaderboards! Welcome to the 4DR Kart TT Leaderboards open to every forum member! Here you can post all your times for the inner-karter in you. Few things to know : This is a FRIENDLY competition In order to submit, you must either post the chadsoft link of your run or video...
  3. Clement Donovan

    What is your proudest MKW Time Trial?

    Quite basically on which track do you have the time you are the proudest of and what is the time? Doesn't necessarily have to be your best time in comparison to others but can be the one you found the hardest to achieve e.t.c.
  4. Jason

    How to use the Nintendo Rankings Site for 4DR Leaderboards

    Greetings, suppose you are a 4DR member who now has times he/she wants to submit. You can only provide video proof at the moment, due to a user faking his Daisy Circuit time to have a Lap 1 that is impossible without being such a high level. Alternatively, this can now be used to submit times...
  5. T

    Custom Track Time Trial Contest!

    Hello Everyone! I am happy to announce that we have another contest for you guys! In this contest, you have to Time Trial on the following 5 Custom Tracks from CTGP-R: Heart Of China Super Sky Courtyard Subspace Factory Headlong Skyway Halogen Highway Contest Info: This contest will begin on...