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toads factory

  1. thor

    How to Perform the Toad's Factory Shroomless Lake Shortcut (Remastered)

    Hello guys! I'm here to share with you a tutorial on how to do the Toad's Factory Shortcut without the use of any Mushrooms! There is already a guide on such, but that guide in my opinion contains faulty information, and it could mislead you. In this guide, I'll explain the basics of the...
  2. Dossie

    [MKW] Toads Factory shroomless shortcut.

    hey hey people! I made a while ago a video how you can do the toads factory shroomless shortcut. You can also see a pov of my hands. I know that isn't the best shortcut tutorial out there, but I think it's good enough to learn from it. Ps I know the video has a lot of dislikes but I don't...