1. 4DR Custom Track Worldwide Races #2

    4DR Custom Track Worldwide Races #2

  2. 4DR Custom Track Worldwide Races #1

    4DR Custom Track Worldwide Races #1

  3. NintenYoshi

    Snowview Highway 1.0

    So, it's not really winter time yet, but I had this idea in my mind and wanted to make it a reality soon enough. :p This originally was going to be a track edit that made the track more slippery and trickier to drive through, but that wouldn't make it safe for online play, which would be a...
  4. D

    Whats ur best track in MKWII?

    What is your best track ,where do you have an record or something like that ,which does the Most fun :)ty 4 reading
  5. Plex

    What is your favorite Custom Track?

    What is your favorite Custom Track? Why? What rating will you give it on a scale of 0 to 5 (You can use decimals)?
  6. Zachy

    Favorite Mario Kart Track

    Title. Personally, I don't really have a favorite currently. Nowadays, I just vote random all the time because I simply don't care what track is played. :P If I had to pick one (and I did have one a while ago), I would pick Moonview Highway. I just love the track and I quickly memorized the car...
  7. A

    Aqua's Texture Shop

    Shop Status: Open! What this shop is: This is my texture shop. I'm currently only doing simple charater texture hacks but I could try track texture if requested. How to request a texture: To request a texture, please fill out this form: Character Name: Extra files to edit: Description of the...
  8. Tomas

    What is your worst track to practice Time Trial?

    GBA Shy Guy Beach! :mad:
  9. Zachy

    Which custom track is the most difficult for you?

    Which Custom Track gives you the most problems, or really makes you groan and sigh under your breath? For me it's Mushroom Peaks because it's overpriced and obviously the mushrooms are a problem. Yeah I've learned the pattern for tricking and not tricking a couple times and that's great and...
  10. Zachy

    Which custom track has the most shortcuts?

    As a person who doesn't really play Custom Tracks, I'm curious- which Custom Track do you think has the most shortcuts? I'm also interested in seeing the differing opinions (if that happens).
  11. Zachy

    How to Unlock All Vehicles on Mario Kart Wii

    Sure, Mario Kart Wii (MKW) is quite an old game. But some people may not have unlocked all the vehicles or are just getting into the game and want to learn how to unlock all the vehicles for MKW. All vehicles fall into one of these three weight classes: Small, Medium, and Large. And when you...