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  1. SwtSkitty

    How to make the N64 Sherbet Land ultra glitch

    List of World Records on Sherbet Land since the release of the track (the glitch times are nearer the bottom): MKWii WR History N64 Sherbet Land on the Player's Page (I currently have the best time on it): Mario Kart Wii Players' Page List of people to make the glitch, in chronological order...
  2. Jason

    How to Perform the Browser's Castle 3 Ultra Shortcut

    Greetings civilians, today I will be taking you on an in-depth guide of the well known Bowser's Castle 3 Ultra Shortcut. It's a very helpful shortcut that I often don't see being used, and I believe it should be! Benefits: Can be done shroomless easily Can be taken if Regular shortcut is...
  3. Sarape

    How to do the Maple Treeway Ultra Shortcut

    ★ Guide by DaMan ★ So this is a guide on how to do the MT ultra-sc on MKWii with ONLY 2 SHROOMS. First things first, lets discuss the recommended vehicles. If you are simply trying to make the glitch, the Spear is the best. If you are going for a good time in TTs, Flame Runner is the way to...
  4. Jason

    How to Perform the Dry Dry Ruins Ultra Shortcut

    Greetings, are you on who struggles with this shortcut? Fear not, as thou will now be shown! :) Benefits of the Dry Dry Ruins Ultra: Very Easy to Learn Can be done with Triple Shrooms, Golden Mushroom or a Star Can turn the tables of a race on Lap 3 if the pack is close Step 1 - Knowing your...