1. Alexander

    Do you have holidays?

    Hello everyone! It's already June, time flies! I want to ask you guys something because I saw people are on holidays already. Do you have holidays? Unfortunately, I don't have it yet I still have to work for a few more weeks before I have holidays as well! I'm definitely looking forward to the...
  2. Dossie

    Inactivity through vacation.

    Dear 4DR people :p I am going on vacation to spain from 27/02/2017 till 3/03/2017. I will visit Barcelona for you people who wanna know xP With saying this I can't be rsally active on mkw or being on the forum that much :/ I will still try to come on the forum once a day :p Second note I am...
  3. Zachy

    How late do you usually stay up?

    I don't think a thread like this exists yet. Anyway, looking at all the New Years threads, it seems like very few people are up at or past midnight. So that just made me curious... What time is everyone usually up until? Mainly I'm talking about weekends or days where you're free to stay up as...