1. T

    Top3 Vehicles for Each Course in Time Trials [NITRO]

    [Retro Courses coming soon] -- A full list of the top3 vehicles for each Nitro course, and the WR with that vehicle, with an explanation. These rankings are based on the best known time for every vehicle in the game for the course. This was all written by me, except the format, which was copied...
  2. Zachy

    Least Favorite Character

    I think the topic of who everyone's favorite character is has been exhausted. A topic that isn't is who is everyone's least favorite character and why? Mine is definitely funky kong (daisy if I could pick more than one) because of the overuse. :tu: How about you guys?
  3. Zachy

    How to Unlock All Vehicles on Mario Kart Wii

    Sure, Mario Kart Wii (MKW) is quite an old game. But some people may not have unlocked all the vehicles or are just getting into the game and want to learn how to unlock all the vehicles for MKW. All vehicles fall into one of these three weight classes: Small, Medium, and Large. And when you...