1. 4DR In-Clan War - 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members (Selected Races)

    4DR In-Clan War - 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members (Selected Races)

  2. Zachy

    Do you enjoy playing in smaller rooms or larger rooms?

    This can apply to races, battles, or both. Normally, I prefer small rooms, especially when everyone is of the same skill level. But if there are a few people in a full room who are clearly much better than a majority of the room, then I happen to like larger rooms because there is more item...
  3. Zachy

    Inner 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members

    We played another Civil War today; hosted by @$$_Rich_$$. It was really fun, but as you guys are about to see, the results differed (from usual that is)! GP 1: GP 2: GP 3: Table: Notes: GGs to everyone and a big thank you to Rich for organizing another one of these! :) It's worth...
  4. Zachy

    Inner 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members

    This was another inner clan war hosted by @$$_Rich_$$. It was a success, which was great! I can't wait to do more in the future. :D This inner clan war was a 5v5 on April 9th, 2016. We decided that it was going to be 4DR Staff vs Members. It was honestly pretty fair (based on the score), and...
  5. Zachy

    Is the golden mushroom or triple mushrooms better?

    Which do you guys think is better? The golden mushroom or triple mushrooms? There's pros and cons to both of course. Pro to the golden mushroom is that you get tons of 'boosts' (whatever you want to call it), but once you start using it, time is counting down before it runs out completely...
  6. Zachy

    Battles: Balloon or Coin?

    If you like battles, which mode is your favorite? Are you a fan of balloon battles or coin runners? Personally, I'm more a fan of balloon battles. I feel like coin runners are way too chaotic. The score is constantly going up and down and it's pretty easy for that to happen. I'm more a fan of...