1. Alexander

    Do you use YouTube often?

    This is probably a weird question, but do you use YouTube often? If you do or do not do often, do you listen to music or watch videos? Do you spend a long time? As for me, it's quite random. Sometimes I watch video's for long periods of time, or just listen to music when I feel like it. :D
  2. Alexander

    DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube

    I never made a thread here, so here I go! DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube Channel [Image coming soon? Lol...] Hello! I am Alexander, better known as Dark Veaz. I play Mario Kart Wii and other games. I have a HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition which I use to record my video's. I don't upload often, but when I...
  3. Wolf

    Your favorite ASMR videos?

    I'm looking for the best ones to listen to because there are so many; I have a favorite and I will post it when I get home. Post ASMR videos that you like to listen to.
  4. Dokan

    [OUTDATED] Submit your videos to our YouTube channel!

    Hello everyone! So a big suggestion that we've had for a while now is for our clan YouTube channel to be more active by allowing people to submit their content to the channel. We think this is an amazing idea and we are super excited to announce that we're now allowing people to submit their...