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  1. Zachy

    Please welcome Frost as our new co-leader!

    Hello everyone! Due to Amaya's absence, we have decided to replace the role with @Frost! Now I'm sure there are some people freaking out (and if you aren't, then good!) saying "but i thought u said that only veteran members kan be co-leader and frost isn't a veteran member111!!??/". And yes...
  2. Zachy

    Welcome our new moderator!

    Hello everyone! As I said in Skitty's departure thread, we could discuss if we were going to need a replacement, whether we wanted a co-leader or a moderator, how we would do applications if they were needed, etc... So we've been discussing that over the past week or so... We have decided that...
  3. Quest

    Quest's Welcome-Back Funroom!

    Hello all of you on the forum, I am happy to announce my return to MKW today! To celebrate, I am going to have a funroom this Thursday, December 31st, at 4:00 PM EST (9:00 PM or 21:00 GMT). To sign up, just post your FC and add my FC (0392-5482-1934). There will be 2 GPs: The 1st will be FFA...