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  1. GAMER10

    Purple and white Daisy texture pack Mkwii 1.0

    Hi there! I wanted to share with you my Daisy texture I made a few months ago. It's a purple and white Daisy (full dress is white and patterns are purple) with brown hair instead of orange. All the 12 karts are edited in this texture. Here are some spoilers : Spoiler Spoiler 2 For best quality...
  2. A

    Black & White Daisy 1.0

    A clean black and white look for daisy. This texture hack will appear on the player select screen as well as in a race. This texture was created for @Bede
  3. Zachy

    Why do you think a white line was added to represent CTGP users?

    This is something that I have always wondered about. Why do you guys think they needed to have a special line color represent CTGP users? And why white? I just see no purpose of identifying a person as a CTGP user, other than to brag (or look stupid, depending on how you feel about CTGP). And...
  4. thor

    Riku Kong [Funky Kong] by Me 1.0.0

    This Funky Kong Texture was made by Rasen (or whoever put it in Rasen's texture pack after he "quit" mkw) and given to me in 2013, and have been using it ever since. It's a pretty cool texture, if I say so myself. It resembles Riku from Kingdom Hearts, and if CM Mario were still around, he would...
  5. Tas Evan

    Green and White Funky Kong [Funky Kong] by Me 1.0.0

    Heres a random Funky Kong texture I made for a video! https://www.mediafire.com/?2p4db4j4px8za8o