1. NintenYoshi

    Favorite Homebrew Application(s)?

    What's your favorite Homebrew application to use on your Wii? It can be a game, utility, modding tool, anything! My favorites are Riivolution, Not64 (N64 emulator), PowerCheck, VBA GX (GBA emulator) and WiiXplorer. All of these are very convenient and useful, and the emulators, while not the...
  2. amaya

    How to Perform the Toad's Factory Shroomless Lake Shortcut (Remastered)

    Hello guys! I'm here to share with you a tutorial on how to do the Toad's Factory Shortcut without the use of any Mushrooms! There is already a guide on such, but that guide in my opinion contains faulty information, and it could mislead you. In this guide, I'll explain the basics of the...
  3. amaya

    How To Improve at Mario Kart Wii

    Hello everyone! I see you want to improve at Mario Kart Wii. Well, you have come to the right place! This guide will go in detail on every aspect and step of improvement. BASICS In terms of basic rules of thumb when playing, you'll want to practice these good habits: Use your rear-view mirror...
  4. Zoghon

    Mii installer "error ret-1" ,how do I fix it?

    Anytime when I try to open Mii installer on the Hombrew Channel,it just says "Error ret -1" Anyone know how to fix it?
  5. Satnav

    Some WiiBrew downloads broken?

    I have tried many times to download things like the HomeBrew Browser, SaveGame Manager GX and the Mii Installer. However, each download seems to have something wrong (e.g missing file or corrupted code not working with Wii) or not working. I was wondering if anyone knew about this and if anyone...
  6. Azula

    Have you ever stuck your SD card in the disc slot on your Wii?

    Lol, I know this may seem like the most stupid question to some people, but it happened to me! Have you ever stuck your SD card into your disc slot? I did once and basically broke my Wii. It's just that you get so used to the location of where you put the SD card in after time, so it's not like...
  7. Azula

    Has your Wii Disc Drive ever broken?

    Mine has once, and it sucked! How about you guys? How long did you have your Wii before (if) it broke?
  8. Jason


    [/SPOILER] MyAnimeList | osu! | Twitter Wii U - Invite Only (NNID: Ghost32456) :au: Aqua :us: Amaya :us: Blissy :gb: Bloss :us: Demo :us: Dreamy :us: Fish :us: Hoesay :gb: Holly :us: Inviso :us: Isa :gb: Jonny :gb: Jose :nl: Jellykun :us: Joel :us: Justin :us: Major Mike :ca: Misdre :gb: Nelson...
  9. Neo

    How many hours of homework per day do you guys have?

    For those of you in school (which I would assume is most members), I just wanted to ask how many hours of homework do you guys get every night? I usually have 30 minutes up to 2 hours of homework a night, sometimes more sometimes less. Leave your answers below, like always! -Devil
  10. Tomas

    Who's Your Favorite Character In Mario Kart Wii?

    My favorite character is Luigi. :)
  11. Neo

    Devil's YouTube Channel!

    Hello people! I have returned from the depths of the underworld! I am sad to say I am not going to be trying out for this clan at the moment since I have not played Mario Kart Wii in FOREVER, and I'm pretty bad at it in general right now. But I just wanted to let everyone know I have a YouTube...
  12. Azula

    How to Unlock All Vehicles on Mario Kart Wii

    Sure, Mario Kart Wii (MKW) is quite an old game. But some people may not have unlocked all the vehicles or are just getting into the game and want to learn how to unlock all the vehicles for MKW. All vehicles fall into one of these three weight classes: Small, Medium, and Large. And when you...
  13. Azula

    Will the Nintendo NX 'Spark' Mario Kart Again?

    Per the title. Do you think that with the Nintendo NX, some more life will be brought back into the Mario Kart Franchise again? Now, I'm not trying to say Mario Kart 7 or Mario Kart 8 'flopped' and are lifeless, but really the fact of the matter is that we haven't seen a truly successful Mario...
  14. A

    Aqua's Skrubs

    Aqua's Skrubs A collection of top kek m8s Skype: cheesethenyancat Discord: Aqua#7919 2024-6356-0469 - Openhost :hm:
  15. ☆VFlame

    Violet Kart Wii 1.1

    Alright, so its here. VKW, Heres is the promo: Thank you very much for 50 subs. This pack includes awesome menu edits, brsar edits, course edits, and veichle edits! It has been released for you because of 50 soobs, thanks sooooo much guys! Like and sub :smug::smuggrin::hippo:
  16. Alexander

    Wiimmfi Error Codes Thread

    This thread contains error codes you may encounter while playing or trying to connect. Error codes send by Wiimmfi at login: Special error codes for console activation: Search error codes here: Wiimmfi and Nintendo WFC error codes Additional error codes: Error Code 60000 -- Didn't input...