1. Zachy

    Win 4DR vs EC2

    We have another match against EC2! It was a fun one, but as you can see, we came out on top! Here are the GP pictures: GP 1: GP 2: GP 3: War Table: = The final score was 343-215, in our favor of course. :) Top 4 on Wario's Gold Mine: Notes: There were a bunch of disconnections...
  2. Zachy

    Least favorite strategy?

    This is the sister thread to the "favorite strategy thread" I made a couple days ago. What is your least favorite strategy or tactic that people use? I personally dislike the very mainstream strategy of holding a star or bill and then dodging the shock. This can obviously get you a good position...
  3. Zachy

    Win 4DR vs Px

    War vs Pheonix or Px. A lot of people DCd during the first race, so we changed hosts and everything went smoothly after then. Not much to say. Very fun war I must say and GGs! :) Table: GP 1: GP 2: GP 3: Once again, GGs! :)