1. [MKWii] 4DR WW Session (19/10/18)

    [MKWii] 4DR WW Session (19/10/18)

  2. NintenYoshi

    Cosmic Yoshi 1.0

    In MKW modding, textures are not my strongest point, but I'm working on getting the hang of them. :p Especially character textures, which I've always found complicated. Nonetheless, I decided to go ahead and give a try, and here we are :D Here I show off Cosmic Yoshi, whose design is based...
  3. Zachy

    How do you Vote?

    No, I'm not literally asking. :p When it's time to vote in between races on Mario Kart Wii, how do you tend to vote? For example, do you always pick your favorite track(s)? Do you pick random tracks? Do you try to pick tracks from different cups to even out the playing field? What is your...