1. JackPuff

    My YouTube channel

    Almost 2 years ago, I made a thread talking about my brand new YouTube channel. However, I ditched the idea of story time animation and completely changed what the channel is. Introducing my channel: Custard! I know it’s a generic name, but I didn’t want to start hating it within a couple of...
  2. Zachy

    YouTube profile player

    This item replaces the old and outdated “Profile Music” item we had. This feature is mainly meant to be used as a music player, but technically any valid video URL is permitted. Another cool perk of this item is that it will allow you to also feature a subscribe button on your forum profile to...
  3. Alexander

    Do you use YouTube often?

    This is probably a weird question, but do you use YouTube often? If you do or do not do often, do you listen to music or watch videos? Do you spend a long time? As for me, it's quite random. Sometimes I watch video's for long periods of time, or just listen to music when I feel like it. :D
  4. MrBlueMario

    Social Media Stuff.

    Heyo. I'm starting to do stuff. If you wanna see what I do, here yah go. Twitter: Twitch: Twitch Youtube: MrBlueMario Instagram: Eyram N. (@mrbluem_ig) • Instagram photos and videos Discord: MrBlueMario#2147
  5. Emmanuel Boom

    Emmanuel's Social Media

    Youtube: Emmanuel Boom Instagram: Emmanuel_Boom™️ (@emmanuel_boom) • Instagram photos and videos Reddit: Emmanuel ️oom (u/Emmanuel_Boom) - Reddit
  6. Peyton

    Youtube channel

    Hey! I’m ordering a capture card on amazon today and I’m planning to start a mkwii youtube channel! I’m just looking for some tips from people who have run a youtube channel before. Doesn’t have to be a Mario Kart one.
  7. Alexander

    DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube

    I never made a thread here, so here I go! DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube Channel [Image coming soon? Lol...] Hello! I am Alexander, better known as Dark Veaz. I play Mario Kart Wii and other games. I have a HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition which I use to record my video's. I don't upload often, but when I...
  8. Satnav

    SatNav's Youtube channel.

    This, bros, is my Youtube channel. I try to be as active on it as possibe, especially considering the majorty of my hobbies revolve around this channel ;) I've recently come close to 50 subs, and released a cool montage so subscribing would mean a huge deal to me! ;) I stream sometimes, mainly...
  9. DatsMK

    Help eachother out!

    Hey y'all! I have a YouTube channel myself and I know that it is hard to grow quickly. So I thought, why not make a thread about it on the forums :D. My channel is DatsMK on YouTube :) Post all of your YouTube channels in the comments and...
  10. Loyd

    What are your addictions or what was xD

    For me probably MKW, watching YouTube and Exercising xD (Currently) I used to be addicted to Minecraft when i was younger LMAO
  11. Dossie

    Dossie's Social Media

    Hey hey guys :p Because I got somewhat active again on this forum I am probably also going to play with you guys :p That's why I thought to make this xD My youtube channel: Mario Kart Wii What will you find on my channel what's MKW related? Well you...
  12. Loyd

    What is your favorite Mario Kart Wii YouTube Video or any other?

    My Favorite ^^
  13. Neo

    Devil's YouTube Channel!

    Hello people! I have returned from the depths of the underworld! I am sad to say I am not going to be trying out for this clan at the moment since I have not played Mario Kart Wii in FOREVER, and I'm pretty bad at it in general right now. But I just wanted to let everyone know I have a YouTube...
  14. Quest

    Quest's New YouTube Channel

    I will no longer be using my old channel. I will upload videos to this channel:
  15. Dokan

    [OUTDATED] Submit your videos to our YouTube channel!

    Hello everyone! So a big suggestion that we've had for a while now is for our clan YouTube channel to be more active by allowing people to submit their content to the channel. We think this is an amazing idea and we are super excited to announce that we're now allowing people to submit their...
  16. ~Jonny~

    New YouTube Channel!

    I made a new channel that I'm planning to record mobile gaming, specifically Clash of Clans content, onto YouTube. If anyone is a fan or is interested in it, please be sure to check it out!
  17. Zachy

    Tips for YouTube?

    So as you guys are all aware, we have a Social Media section on the forum. A big part of Social Media for people here is youTube. Now, I'm not personally looking for tips on youTube, but I think that we should have a youTube tips thread that is stickied there to try and help people get their...