A reminder about Social Membership


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Hey everyone!

Recently we've been getting a pretty decent influx of requests from people (who I won't be mentioning by name) requesting social member status in 4DR (and in a lot of these cases, this happens immediately after leaving the clan), and while all of these people who have great qualities that can make them candidates for Social Member, please also remember that Social Member status is invite only. Just because you request it, does not mean you will receive social member status, especially if you left the clan recently. You have to receive an invitation from us to become a Social Member, no exceptions anymore. This however does not mean you still can't suggest yourself or another person to become a social member, in fact, if you think you'd be a good social member, let us know and the leaders/co-leaders would be very happy to discuss it.

As a countermeasure to hopefully reduce the amount of requests we've been receiving, we now have a limited number of spots for Social Members, and currently, the leaders/co-leaders have agreed to only have six (6) Social Members at a time. This does not mean that clan spots themselves are reserved for Social Members, so if there are say, 5 Social members and 40 actual members (including leaders and co-leaders), we will NOT be allowing anymore Social Members OR new incoming Trial Members. This change is effective immediately, so all of the necessary threads will be updated to fit this new rule.

Thanks for listening guys, and let us know if you have any questions!


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I appreciate the clarification Amaya!