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Well. Guess I couldn't stay away for too long huh.
Hi there,I'm Azure,and for those that are new to the clan or just don't know me,I was here a WHILE ago. Pre pandemic. But then i retired,came back a bit in 2021 and then retired again for awhile. So what.. exactly happened

Well at the time I wasn't exactly going though the best of times and Mario kart just took a backseat to things. Kinda hard to when you get hit by a car and lose a grandmother,constantly dealing with other life altering events,etc etc. It didn't do well for me mentally. Felt like I was by myself almost...

But enough about sadness! I had almost forgotten about the clan since I quit Mario Kart due to losing my Wii,which means no CTGP (thanks devs not letting dolphin use it...) But thanks to things on the up and up, recently I got into other custom track packs and was looking for a funky Kong texture.
Sure enough it somehow gave me the forum again. And then I found the actual file and I was taken back from nostalgia.

I understand that y'know... dying off the face of the earth isnt exactly going to mean I can come back immediately. Hell,I don't have a Wii anymore so I can only do MK8DX. But I want to at least introduce myself and slowly ease back into things. Get to know the new members and say hi to some familiar faces y'know
It's nice to be back home..4DR