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Funniest Hacker Moments

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Mine would probably be the hacker joined our room then we found out he got banned the very next race xD
Hackers used to be pretty entertaining to play back before shutdown! I used to find it pretty fun trying to avoid all of their bombs and stuff! :joy:
hackers in 2018 are nothing but scared idiots who cant play without item cheating
Funniest moments were preventing people from glitching. :p
When hacker was trying to target you while you are racing, but they reailze you have anti-cheat on lol!
Slowing a hacker when they weren't in a star or so. Taste your own medicine I shall say!
A few days ago I ran into a battle hacker named diego. They were using a blue shell item code and after my first match with them they left the room. Then a few hours after they left...
When they give me a TC glitch and bomb everyone except me so I get first and anyone who tried to pass me would get immediately a blue shell eheheh :cool:
the moment when there is a ftw hacker in the room and you have iib on xD