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We all need a little help sometimes and especially newer forum users who are not used to the different features and options we have available. The first thing to note is that this is for forum related questions and support only. This section is not for help with Wiimmfi, 4DR, or anything else that does not have to do with the forum. If you aren't sure where to post, ask someone on the forum staff. With that out of the way, let's go over some best practices to use this section effectively. All questions that are old, irrelevant, or have been answered will be locked. If you have a question, you will need to create a new thread in this section. When creating a new thread, you will want to see if your question has already been asked and the forum will suggest similar titles to yours when creating a thread.


If none of these suggestions match your question, then you can proceed to post it and wait for answers. Once answers arrive, users have different options depending on your permissions. If you are the original thread starter or part of the forum staff, you will be allowed to mark any answer as the "solution" or best answer. Otherwise, you will be allowed to upvote other solutions if they are helpful but not mark it as the "best". In the example below I am upvoting AND marking the answer as the best solution, but you can do neither or a combination of these (such as upvoting a reply without marking it as the best or vice versa). It is worth noting that while the format of this particular section may differ from others, you can still use regular reactions to react to a reply as well.


Once an answer has been marked as the best solution, it will now live right below the first post with a link to the post so that way it is easier to find the answer if someone stumbles across the thread.


The thread will then eventually be locked once a solution has been marked. I have full intentions on adding prefixes to this section to easily sort what has been closed or not answered, etc... But for now, there are useful tools within the forum view itself to filter different questions down.
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