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Uhhh hi?

I'm Quest. Some of you may remember me but others probably will not. I was in this clan for two relatively brief stints, first as a regular member from April to sometime in the fall of 2015, and as a Social Member (is that still a thing?) at the start of 2016 until I was forced to trash my old Wii (failed disc drive). I initially went by Central when I first joined this clan, and eventually changed my name to Quest based on one of the random miis I'd made. I still use this name on MKW and other places on the internet. If you wanna go even further back, I played the game pre-WFC shutdown under a few different names but primarily as Rex. Bonus points if you recognize the clan tags BF, EC2, and even more so for TB1, TG, NP, EC2, Ep, and TR2; I had stints in all of those clans too (as well as a couple extremely small ones).

From time to time I like to look back on old YT vids and stuff to remind myself of old friends and acquaintances I made during those old times and to try and see what people are up to these days. Unfortunately my parents made me delete both of the channels I created back then; for whatever reason they were so against me using a screen name and interacting with other people using screen names on an online community, all while knowing how difficult it was for me to make friends IRL :/ So I have no way to see my old friend roster and time trial videos, aside from the GV2 run that made it onto the 4DR channel.

I had no way to play the game in any form from February 2016 until Christmas 2019 when I got my gaming laptop so I could run Dolphin. And even then, I didn't have access to my old NAND so I was stuck playing exclusively offline until I got a new Wii off eBay in the summer of 2021. I've improved a lot at the game and I'm driving way better than when I was in 4DR as a 13 year old. For one, I've managed to improve my GV2 time to a 53.8! I played a few mogis in 2021 but haven't been bothered to do any since. I'll occasionally play a worldwide or join a Twitch stream, but usually I'll just drive offline out of boredom. A number of other things have taken priority in my life so as good as my driving has gotten, I can't be bothered to take this game super seriously these days.

As for my personal side... I'm a clarinet performance major in my 3rd year right now. I've developed interests in transit, urban planning, classic Formula 1 and autism advocacy. I've got some other stuff that I'd rather not mention here, but IYKYK.

This clan has now been around for 10 years and it's really crazy to think that I was here so early (2 1/2 years) into its lifespan now. This forum had only been up for 3 months and I'd just missed out on the finals days of the Forumotion era. You can tell I'm an early member because of the 73 in the URL for my profile. This place used to be sprawling with activity, but I noticed it's been pretty muted lately because at some point the clan staff moved the majority of operations over to Discord, which I totally understand because these old school style forums are, well, old school and no longer the most popular or efficient means of managing a group like this.

I have no real desire to join this clan again, nothing against the clan at all but I'd rather just do more of my own thing with the game now. I'm also busy with school and other real life things. I just thought I'd come here and say hi and reaffirm that I'm not at all dead, and that I still think about 4DR, my whole time on MKW and the past and present friends I've made and kept.
Hey! It's certainly been a long time. Hope you've been doing well :)
Hi there! Quest is undoubtedly a familiar name! How have you been? It's been a long while so it's great to hear from you again! Bunch of familiar clan names you've got in your post, yeah, I do remember most of them! While the forum isn't as active as it used to be, lots of memories remain on the forum and the clan itself. It was our childhood time, huh? Well, considering how old Mario Kart Wii is, you don't really expect anyone to play it anymore but surprisingly I still play haha. I still play it for nostalgic reasons... but when does it really stop? Well, as long as I know my friends still play it I'll keep playing haha. The game keeps me occupied due to the fact it holds many great memories.