How to download homebrew channel without sd card wii


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This tutorial will teach you how to download the homebrew channel without a sd card

First while in the Wii menu go to the bottom
left and press the Wii icon.

Next press the option that says wii settings
(Make sure your Wii is 4.3)

Go to page 2 and press internet

Then press connection settings
(the connection you choose doesn’t matter)

Press change settings and scroll to Auto obtain DNS

There will be 3 buttons press no then advance settings

For the primary DNS enter
Secondary DNS enter

Press confirm then it will ask for a connection test press ok and it should say successful and it will ask if you want to update you can pick yes or no it doesn’t matter what you pick but I recommend no

Press back in the bottom left twice then press the option user agreements then select yes and the screen will turn black

After the next screen pops up press ok

After it connects to the internet you will get a screen that looks like this


Then wait about 1-2 minutes

You will get a screen that looks like command prompt just wait a few seconds and get a very glitchy screen

After the screen you will get into the part where you download it

Press 1 when the option shows up

Press continue then install homebrew Channel

Once installed press exit and it will take you to the homebrew channel

Now you have the homebrew channel installed.

Edit: you can also install bootmii while in the screen that lets you download it
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