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How to get Japanese Keyboard on MiiChannel without using Region changer. (1 viewer)

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I had this problem by myself.
You Need:

-UsbLoaderGX (ver. 3.0r1239)

1. Go to your UsbLoaderGX
2.Go to MiiChannel
3.Go to Settings
4.Go to Gamesettings
5.Go to Language
6.Change to Japanese.
7.Save changes.
8.Return to MiiChannel
9.Start MiiChannel
10.Have fun with the new Keyboard!

It can may crash when you are loading MiiChannel in a diffrent language for first time but then it should work!

Why am I doing this tutorial?
Because I had no Internet connection for a long time and I wanted to have these filled white stars...so I decided to solve the problem by myself because I found no tutorial on YouTube.You do not need Any Region Changer because it can crash/brick your wii easily.
Awesome! Yeah it's always nice to have the option to use a filled-in star and putting in minimal effort to do so. Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial and share it with all of us! :)
I did this because it is a bit unfair to other guys then Japanes to not be able to use filled stars because your name will look a bit sicker if you use the symbols.