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How To Improve at Mario Kart Wii

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Amaya submitted a new resource:

How To Improve at Mario Kart Wii - The ultimate guide on how to improve in Mario Kart Wii!

Hello everyone! I see you want to improve at Mario Kart Wii. Well, you have come to the right place! This guide will go in detail on every aspect and step of improvement.
In terms of basic rules of thumb when playing, you'll want to practice these good habits:
  • Use your rear-view mirror VERY frequently, ESPECIALLY if you are in 1st place. Your rear-view mirror can be used by...

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Well done, Amaya. Keep going! :D
I wonder, if "geralding" is a bad habit.
Very nicely organized, detailing and your explanations are great!
Actually like this because I'm seeing terms I hear all the time and have no idea what they mean, and most of them are explained here. Great information for sure. :thumbsup:
This is really good! You should add that it's best to adjust your wheelie while using a mushroom because it slows you down less. Also, you should wait a bit at the beginning to start your wheelie, because the start boost + wheelie don't make any difference. That way you may be able to go through a straightaway on 1 wheelie rather than 2 or 2 rather than 3.
Super helpful tips here Amaya! Thank you for making this guide so people can benefit from it. :)