How to make a CT ISO for MKWii Part 1 (2 viewers)

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Hello! Yes, you can make a CT ISO for MKWii (Only For CT Packs like JHFR, Hack Pack and etc..CTGP does NOT work).
This is Part 1 of this Tutorial.

The things you need are:
Wit tools- WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools
SZS Explorer - CTools & SZS Modifier
A CT Pack (I am using JHFR CT Pack for this thread)-

Compose and Batch file for ISO - MEGA
An ISO- Mario Kart Wii (USA) WII ISO Download - Nitroblog (By the way, this is an american ISO)
And for those who want to watch a video tutorial -

STEP 1. Get wit tools and extract it

You will see a folder after you extract it; open the folder and you will see this
You will see this, right click where windows-install.exe and run as administrator
You will see this thing pop up click yes (sadly theres no pic)

you will see the cmd prompt (wit tools is installing onto your pc automatically) after its done you will see something asking you if you need to re-install the wit tools or wit tools is installed correctly (Click the 2nd option).

Once you're done restart your pc (yes you have to).

Step 2. Make a Folder and put the batch files and your iso in your new folder

For those who already have an ISO (Make sure its CLEAN this includes not being patched with Wiimmfi)
you should have this in your folder (For those who have JAP RMCJ01, PAL RMCP01 , and KOR RMCK01 ISO, right click on extract and click edit and change the SRC_ID, SRC_Type
and DEST_Type. For the SRC_Type, if you have a Korean iso put KOR, for european, PAL, and japanese, JAP) Do the same for the Compose batch file
Moving along, click the extract batch file
You will see the cmd prompt (its extracting your iso)
you will see this after the iso done exctracting

Soo Next step

STEP 3- Extracting the CT Pack
As I mention before I am using JHFR CT Pack
Double click on the JHFR 3.0 folder
All you need is the middle folder, so extract it to your folder where the iso is

Moving onto the next step

STEP 4 Moving files to its designating place
Open the JHFR folder
First thing to move is the courses folder to the courses folder in the workdir.tmp folder (basically replacing it)
open the workdir.tmp folder > then files folder> then races> (you will see the courses folder drag the courses folder from the jhfr ct pack into the files folder) it will ask to replace 32 files click replace the files.


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