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Item Balance (1 viewer)

Does it make the game more fun?

  • Yes.

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  • No.

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This game has one special thing that makes the this game really great. The item balance system, it's usually chaotic and they're stars and bills everywhere. Mario Kart 8 item system usually only gives you shells or coins. Sometimes you only get tc's and banana's. And sometimes you only get shrooms. What's your opinion about the item balance?
I don't have MK8 but I have seen videos and the item balance is horrible. You can be in 9th place and get a green shell. That's not going to help you. You hardly ever get good items unless you are in last pretty much. I hate how Nintendo did this. I love MKW, it's common to get items that actually help you.
MKW is life. MK8 is fun at times, but not as fun as MKW.
Ive seen mk8 vids and the item balance is horrible, but mkw fixes that problem
I don't think the item distribution system is that much better than MK8.
From the video I have seen from mk8, you get green shells in 10th LOL, crazy 8 in 3rd and always coins in 1st and sometimes shock in 6th lmao
Also I think mkw is Awsome And good due to the items, if it were to have no items then it will be like regular boring racing game xD
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To be honest, the MK8 item balance is a joke. Shells everywhere and they always manage to hit me, it doesn't matter how hard I try to avoid them. They still get me anyway, on MKW the item balance is great (not to mention my terrible luck!) It's the only system I'm used to. :p
Mario Kart Wii's item balance may make the game frustrating, but at least it isn't based on distance like it is in Mario Kart 8. With an item balance based on distance, you can get powerful items like Lightning in 2nd and weak items like Bananas in 12th.
I've never been a huge fan of the item distribution in Mario Kart 8, but Mario Kart Wii's item system can also be brutal at times. At least it's a bit easier to control.