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Lycan's BRSTM Pack (As seen on Twitch)

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After many many years of creative thinking and work, I have today decided to finally release my personal BRSTM pack that I use live on Twitch, as well as the BRSAR that also has some significant edits! This has been my personal everlasting project, and I've been doing it mostly for fun and to occupy my time. With that said, I've not needed to make major texture hacks, only very minor ones. If you're here looking for the marvelous texture pack I use, please visit the YouTube link of my friend xRachy94 for Fire Kart Wii v4. All textures were made by her! (Note: some textures that are seen on my stream have been replaced.)

There is not necessarily a general theme with this pack, in fact, it's very diverse and mixed, and contains a LOT of retro soundtracks, with the majority of them coming from Nintendo, and a few coming from elsewhere. Below, I will list them all, and the games and platforms they are from.


Titles that are highlighted in Green are normal (Lap 1/2) soundtracks.
Titles that are highlighted in
Red are final (Lap 3) soundtrack.
Course names or scenes that are highlighted in
Orange are soundtracks that are intended to be updated and replaced soon.

Luigi/Mario Circuits — Sky Deck a Go Go, Sonic Adventure DX GCN; General Offensive Sky Deck, Sonic Adventure DX GCN
Moo Moo Meadows — Beeton Tracks, Blast Corps N64, Beeton Tracks (critical), Blast Corps N64
Mushroom Gorge — Wings of Despair, Soul Calibur II GCN
Toads Factory — Mechanical Resonance, Sonic Adventure DX GCN; Crank the Heat Up, Sonic Adventure DX GCN
Coconut Mall — Destiny Awaits No One, Soul Calibur II GCN
DK Summit (or DK/s Snowboard Cross)Phendrana Drifts, Metroid Prime GCN; Phendrana Depths, Metroid Prime GCN
Wario's Gold MineHyrule Castle, Zelda Twilight Princess GCN; Hyrule Castle (Ganon Tower), Zelda Twilight Princess GCN
Daisy Circuit — Cloud 9, Spyro 4/Enter The Dragonfly GCN/PS2
Koopa Cape — Treasure Trove Cove, Banjo Kazooie N64
Maple Treeway — BDoing Woods, Pac Man World 2 GCN; Treewood Forest, Pac Man World 2 GCN
Grumble VolcanoMagma Opus, Pac Man World 2 GCN; Clyde in the Caldera, Pac Man World 2 GCN
Dry Dry Ruins — Dark Beast Ganon, Zelda Twilight Princess GCN
Moonview Highway — Grand Metropolic, Sonic Heroes GCN; Boss 2, Sonic Heroes GCN
Bowser's Castle — Raise Thy Sword, Soul Calibur II GCN; Time Marches On, Soul Calibur III, PS2
Rainbow Road — Champions Road, Super Mario 3D World 3DS
GCN Peach Beach — Luau Island, Spyro 4/Enter the Dragonfly GCN/PS2
DS Yoshi Falls — unknown actually, never found a viable replacement.... yet. Originated from Fire Kart Wii v4 by Rachy
SNES Ghost Valley 2 — Ghost Bayou, Pac Man World 2 GCN; Haunted Boardwalk, Pac Man World 2 GCN
N64 Mario Raceway — Neo Bowser City, Mario Kart 7 3DS
N64 Sherbet Land — Frozen hillside, Kirby Air Ride/SSBB GCN
GBA Shy Guy Beach — Luau Island, Spyro 4/Enter the Dragonfly GCN/PS2
DS Delfino Square — Cloud 9 Remastered, Spyro 4/Enter the Dragonfly GCN/PS2
GCN Waluigi Stadium — Confrontation, Soul Calibur II GCN
DS Desert Hills — Slipsand Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii
GBA Bowser Castle 3 — Magma Flows, Kirby Air Ride GCN
N64 DK Jungle Parkway — Lost Jungle, Sonic Heroes GCN
GCN Mario Circuit — 2nd Tournament Match, Mario Tennis N64; Final Tournament Match, Mario Tennis N64
SNES Mario Circuit 3 — No Turning Back, Soul Calibur II GCN
DS Peach Gardens — Gusty Garden Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy GCN
GCN DK Mountain — Guided by Wind, Soul Calibur II GCN
N64 Bowser's Castle — Chaos 6, Sonic Adventure DX GCN

Wifi/Voting Screen — Quest for Glory, Soul Calibur II, GCN
Finish 1st — Thunderfist Cromlech Court Venus Neptune Completed, Blast Corps N64
Finish OK — Corps JBomb Lizard Island Saline Watch Dagger Pass Completed, Blast Corps N64
Finish Lose — Banana Fairy Isle, Donkey Kong N64
Race Intro — Bonus Barrel Intro, Donkey Kong N64

The BRSAR edits:
I have included the custom BRSAR file in the mega link download as well, and contains a few cool features, including:
*Mega Mushroom music — Move b**** Get Out Da Way, Ludacris
*Star music — Athletic Theme, Super Mario World
*Silented the Blue shell alarm sound effect. Because we all find that annoying right? Plus I personally find it more fun actually hearing the blue shell approach. That's just me.

And yes, the reason why you're here. Please visit this link to download my custom BRSTM pack! Updates will be posted in this thread when necessary. Thanks for visiting!
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Minor updates coming soon (before September hopefully). May include some common updates as well, but thoughts are all but organised at this moment.