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This is the suggestions thread. This is a thread open for people who have suggestions to better the forum. Please note that I'm not some coding genius, and I can't do everything, but I will try my best to fulfill as many suggestions as I can in a timely manner. I will post some of the things that aren't going to be discussed here and/or we already know about as time goes on:

- N/A (currently).

Please note that this is a suggestions thread, and not a complaining thread. Swearing/getting mad because your suggestion wasn't taken into consideration will not get you anywhere. A common suggestion that we get is to add a certain smiley to the forum. We will usually add any smiley upon request, however, we'd like to put this little disclaimer out there: by submitting your smiley as a request to be added, you agree to give us permission to use it as our own indefinitely.
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I know the Splatoon section isn't active as of lately, but I'd like to suggest a few awards (or addendums to existing awards) for enticement.
As you know, Splatoon 2 has been out for a while now, nearing its two year anniversary in a few months. By no means is it dead, however, especially with the multiplying Switch player-base. I'm sure there are quite a few people here who own Splatoon 2 and at least have/will play it occasionally but correct me if I am wrong because these awards may serve little function otherwise. It is my hunch though that not enough people are active on Splatoon nowadays willing to reach these awards, so I won't post the suggestions unless desired.
Definitely want to hear them!! :)
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