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Post-mario kart hobbies?

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Sometimes I'm curious on something - our various paths that we've taken as we continue to age (god.) and divert away from the mario kart realm. Unless, you know.
And absolutely no judgement to those if you're still holding strong on a game you like, if anything I encourage it if it's still your thing and what you prefer to do for fun. HOWEVER. Willing to bet most of us have had our fun and moved on. Crazy to say and crazy to imagine, right? Especially 2009 and onward.

So, where are we now? And what are we up to? Want to share some cool wacky or fun things you prefer to do now after such a huge Mario Kart era? Feel free to below (and if I'm predicting correctly, it absolutely does NOT have to be as long as the one I'm about to write below lmfao. But feel free to share whatever you like to do.

Right then, I'll start (and as much as I love it, it might be absolutely BORING to everyone else, and I understand why if so lol)
Aviation 😄

and, to be more specific, twin jet airline operations. The above is actually my current flight, which I've nearly screwed up on due to this long post lol, is an American Airbus A320-232 replica on Microsoft Flight Simulator as a third party addon called Fenix Simulations. Aviation in general has always been an interesting thing for me for as long as I can remember. Whether I start a serious pursuit on the real deal is still in question, but probably unlikely. Convenient solution? Turn your entire desk into a Boeing and/or Airbus like so:


This, in my opinion, is just something fun to do with my spare time, and is also a great background task that I can sometimes turn my back on for long periods, i.e. a transatlantic route, or a Boeing 777-300ER overnight for 12+ hours, etc etc. Steam for me reports that I've been on MSFS for a total of 2304 hours, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. At most, I'd say up to 1,000-1,500 hours legitimate. I've had to do a TON of experimenting and training to get up to the regular routes I've been doing with twin jet airliners.bbb Could go on and on and on about this, but I don't want to make this thread a mile long lol.
I've also been in the process of starting a different twitch channel for this alone (so I can stop sending pointless alerts in the discord, whoops), as well as a YouTube channel for regular uploads and all that fun jazz. Not expecting huge numbers on any of those, but if I somehow luck out, great. lmao.

And a good example if there's any curiosity on what exactly I do, the following video is a good example of a flight from start to finish, gate to gate, startup to shutdown. And it's relatively short (Honolulu; HNL to Kona Int'l; KOA), basically from the capital of Hawaii to the big island. Very short flight, and very low (and short!) cruise as well. And yes, the video might put you to sleep, so the only things that might be interesting - Takeoff timestamp begins at 28:05; landing timestamp begins at 59:45 or so

So yeah.😳 Again, doesn't have to be as detailed and nerdy as mine obv, but feel free to share some things you've been up to, recently picked up, or have been enjoying exceptionally, etc!
Well I still play MKWII because it's my favourite game ever. Other than MKWII I also like running, playing piano, watching movies, driving around the place, camping, and editing. I actually have alot of time on my hands because I'm in college now, and I've still got 2 years left :D
i still play mkwii occasionally, but ive been playing more games like ssbm, gunz the duel, and various rhythm games like ongeki, chunithm, and osu