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Very simple rules we have here, as usual. If you want to post a texture, please make sure the following three things are included:
  • Texture name.
  • Original course the texture is a texture of.
  • Author.
Please include the first two things (texture name and original course) in the title. For example, here's a good title:

Purple Dream [Bowser's Castle]

From that we know the name of the texture (purple dream), and the texture is for bowser's castle. You may also include the author of the texture in your title, but you can leave that for in your post if you'd like. You must include the author-- it's just your choice as to where you want to put it. As for the post itself, it's generally good to include any pictures or a video.

If you're posting a texture release, please also include a thread prefix for your post... Either "Course", "Character", "Vehicle", or "Other". If you have any other thread prefixes you think should be included, please suggest them in the forum suggestions thread.

Not following the rules will result in thread/post deletion... No questions asked.
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