The Randomizer Challenge


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The Randomizer Challenge - You think you're decent with Flame Runner & Mach Bike, but are you really the Master of 300 combinations?


Face it: You can't just call yourself one of the best players, when you're only good in one or two combinations. Let's git gud at Mario Kart Wii, but thoroughly. Combined with Road to 9k/Max VR, it will be the most exciting, frustrating and nerve-wrecking journey, you have ever had before.


  • After every race, switch the combination before the course vote. Every time you forget changing, you ha
  • Always vote "Random" on the course selection screen. It doesn't matter if it's done by the CTGP's shuffling method or Vanilla MKW's random vote.
  • If you (Win/Lose)DC mid-race, you must redo the combination for the next race.
  • Exploiting WinDCs and Dolphin/net lag is not allowed, obviously. (-> could lead to a ban anyway, once caught)
  • If you're getting overlapped, do not target any players in first place, otherwise it'll count as "Disruptive Gameplay/Trolling" (One of the common ban reasons).
  • Abide the rest of the Wiimmfi rules. (Have I mentioned that I'm not responsible if you're getting banned? Otherwise, cry your eyes out here: About banning - Forum)

Optional additions:
  • Automatic Drift every [second/third/etc.] race.
  • No item usage on Tier S vehicles (Bullet Bike, Mach Bike, Bowser Bike).
  • Try racing CTWWs only. (When you're done, tell me how many tracks are viable with the Aero Glider.)
  • TBC...


1. Go to [MKW Zufallsturnier-Generator]
-> Normally used as a (casual) tournament generator. One of the tools on Wiimm's website, which also contains useful information (e.g. stats) about Mario Kart Wii. Yeah I know, the randomizer is entirely written in German. But don't fear, I'll translate most of the terms on this thread. Alternatively, you can also use either Chrome's page translator feature or just enter it on Google Translate.

2. Check following boxes (some boxes might already be checked):

Fahrer- und Fahrzeugauswahl (Character and vehicle selection):
  • All boxes at Gewichtsklassen (weight classes)
  • All boxes at Fahrzeugtyp (vehicle type)
  • All boxes at Freischalten (unlockables)
  • The radio button of Miis einer Gewichtsklasse (Miis of a single weight class)
  • All boxes at Dupletten vermeiden (avoid duplets)
At last, go to "Vorauswahl festlegen" (tl. determine preselection):
Check all boxes for characters (on the left), except the Mii weight classes which don't suit your profile's Mii.
On the right, check all boxes for vehicles.
Then hit Einstellungen übernehmen (apply settings).

3. Meaning of following values at Zufallsoptionen (Randomizer options):
  • Anzahl der Grand Prix (Amount of GPs): Determines how many combinations are generated. The maximum value is 20, the default is 4.
  • Wahrscheinlichkeit von "Wheel Verbot" (Probability of Wheelie Ban = no bikes?)
  • Wahrscheinlichkeit von "Wheel Pflicht" (Probability of Wheelie requirement = bikes only?)
  • Wahrscheinlichkeit von "Automatischer Drift" (Probability of Automatic Drift)
  • Wahrscheinlichkeit von "Manueller Drift" (Probability of Manual Drift)
  • Wahrscheinlichkeit von "Items verboten" (Probability of "Itemless")
  • Initalisierung des Zufallszahlen-Generators (ID of your generated combinations)
These settings are not mandatory, but are useful for spicing things up a bit.

And that's about it, you're ready to go. :)
And please make sure to tighten your wiimote's wrist strap before you're heading out.

Good luck!

Q1: Wait, why only 300 combinations? Doesn't the site tell me that there are 324 combinations?

A: Yes, that is correct. But remember that you can only choose one Mii weight class on your profile. You're freely allowed to choose any weight class, no matter you use it as an advantage or handicap.

Q2: Ok, but I don't get it. Which vehicle I should pick? The names are written in German and I don't get the clue.

A2: No problem.
Just click on the Hyperlink of the combination and a table with all the name variants (US/UK English only) and stats will appear.


And if you can't be bothered to research, you can look out for the hint written in front of every combination.

Example: "Toad - Toadette - 3.B Blitzer"
3.B stands for 3rd bike of the chosen character.

You see, it's very easy to find it.
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