Wither's Multiplayer Fun needs some help!


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My first distribution is being worked on, and I need some help with it. I need:

Translators for the track names

Custom Images for the Strap

Mission Mode

Someone to add the retro tracks (It doesn't matter which ones you choose, just let me know which ones you chose)

Someone who knows how to add Wiimmfi.

Track Names:

Mushroom Cup:
Color Circuit
Yoshi Mountain
Marble Towers
Glimmer Express Trains

Flower Cup:
Aquadrom Stage
Boshi Skatepark
BassBasher City
Waluigi's Motocross

Star Cup:
Wiimmfi Station
Cataquack Beach
SM64 Castle Grounds
Pipe Underworld

Special Cup:
Super Sky Courtyard
City Escape*
Cool Castle Canyon
Road By Road

Just ask me on this thread what role you want to perform.

*Also, City Escape is a texture hack, sorry :(
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